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Facial Trauma
New York, NY

Manhattan woman suffering from facial trauma and she made an appointment at Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group in New York, NYThere are few injuries as difficult to treat as facial trauma. That's because a lot happens on your face and there are many considerations that must be made all at the same time to get the best possible results. That's why it's best to go to specialists like us to get the help that you need. At Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group, we have talented surgeons and dentists trained to handle a range of facial problems and to treat many different problems of varying difficulty all at once.

Assessing Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage is always a concern in facial injuries. Facial lacerations can be a real danger to a patient, and can result in serious scarring. In the event of a serious facial laceration, our highly-trained plastic surgeon will evaluate the issue and be careful to treat any damage to nerves or the salivary glands while taking care of the injury to prevent side-effects from occurring.

Solving Bone Issues

Facial bones, like bones in the rest of the body, can become damaged. A fracture in the jaw and other areas of the body can cause real problems and need to be cared for properly. That's why we always take care to treat the issue delicately. We'll assess any bone damage that's done using X-rays and from there we'll figure out how to tend to the damaged bones so they can heal properly. In some instances, this calls for wiring the jaw shut, in others, bone injuries can be treated using plates or screws surgically positioned at the location. We always rely on the most modern treatment methods to minimize scarring and to effectively hide scars created during treatment.

Meeting Dental Concerns

Many facial injuries also affect the mouth and the teeth. This creates numerous dental concerns that have to be dealt with. Having a damaged mouth can cause some serious problems that most people would rather do without. That's why we always have a specialized dentist available that understands how to handle any issues that arise from injuries. The dentist will look over your mouth, determine if there are any problems that have to be addressed, and then treat them as soon as possible. Getting treatment from a qualified dentist ensures that any dental issues you have are cleared up quickly and can prevent more serious problems from developing.

Facial Injuries in Manhattan, NY

Facial injuries are nothing to scoff at and it's important to treat them as soon as possible. Only a qualified team of experts will be able to successfully handle most major injuries without causing further complications, which is exactly what we have here at the Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group. If you are suffering from a maxillofacial injury, don't go to a standard doctor for treatment. Instead, head to our office to get the expert help that you need. We'll rely on our expertise to make sure your injury is treated fully and effectively. With our help, you'll be treated and patched up quickly and with minimal side-effects.

Please call us at (212) 245-5801 if you experience any difficulties after a surgery.
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