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Snoring is Not a Symptom You Should Ignore

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Snoring is Not a Symptom You Should IgnoreSo, you have been told by your partner that you snore. Snoring may be easy to brush under the carpet as a noise issue, but it can be a symptom of a bigger problem. If you suffer from snoring, it is important to seek treatment as it can cause sleep issues for you and your partner.

What Snoring May Mean for Your Health

If you have started snoring, this can be a sign that you are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes someone to stop breathing during sleep. This can cause the person to wake up in the middle of the night with a loud snore. Waking up with a snore consistently may be an indication that you suffer from sleep apnea.

Once you get diagnosed with sleep apnea, our professional team can help treat it. However, dentists can only help treat obstructive sleep apnea by creating a custom mandibular advancement device, or MAD. A MAD is like a mouthguard, except it holds the lower jaw forward to prevent any bursts of sleep apnea from occurring.

During your dental check-up, we will also give you an overall examination to determine if there are any other dental issues. If you suffer from any other issues such as gum disease or teeth misalignment, we can recommend treatment for these too.

Other Causes of Snoring

If you don't suffer from sleep apnea, there can still be symptoms of snoring that our team can help with. When someone snores during the night, they tend to sleep with their mouth open. By sleeping in this position, it causes dry mouth due to the lack of saliva production. Saliva production is essential for keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Snoring is also linked to other conditions such as Burning Mouth Syndrome and teeth grinding. As long as you are attending regular dental check-ups, these issues will be caught early enough to treatment before causing more problems.

If you suffer from snoring and it is having a knock-on effect with your health, it is time to schedule a dental appointment. Contact our office today to book a consultation with our team.
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