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How You Can Help Spot the Early Sign of Oral Cancer

Posted on 12/10/2019 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
How You Can Help Spot the Early Sign of Oral CancerThere are many catalysts for the formation of oral cancer. Like other types of cancer, oral cancer is caused by cell mutations during their natural life cycle. Healthy cells go through a life cycle, and at the end of it, they die. When old cells die, they are replaced by newer healthy cells.

This process occurs all the time. When cancer cells begin to form, cells do not die and they continually form causing abnormal growths and complications with healing. If you're vigilant, you will be able to catch early signs of cancer growth. This is important because the earlier cancer is caught, the easier it is to cure.

Oral Cancer Signs

One early sign of oral cancer are sores that won't heal. Oral cancer includes the lips so make sure to be aware of any sores on the lips that don't heal. A normal time for sores to heal is a little over a week. If sores grow worse over the course of a week, it could be possible that you have oral cancer.

Another early sign of oral cancer is loose teeth. If you're an adult and have loose teeth, this could be an indication of oral cancer. Loose teeth in adult only happen from serious physical trauma or severe tooth decay. If you have noticed a loose tooth without reason, it could be possible that you're afflicted with oral cancer.

One sign that may seem obvious is constant oral pain. Sometimes it's easy to ignore oral pain because daily life can get hectic. However, oral pain that persists for a long amount of time is abnormal—especially if the pain increases over time.

We can provide assistance if you're worried about oral cancer. If you have noticed abnormal growth or early signs of cancer, the time to act is now. Please call our office to schedule a consultation today. We can help diagnose any problems you may have.
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