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Are Teeth in a Day a Good Option for Most?

Posted on 9/10/2019 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Are Teeth in a Day a Good Option for Most?Dental implants and sometimes dentures can cause some time to get placed in the mouth. Those that have their teeth pulled to have these dental pieces put into their mouth may not want to wait to have new teeth put in.

They want to smile with more confidence than ever. They want to be able to have teeth right then and there. This can be done with the teeth in a day option that we provide right here in our office.

Do You Want Teeth in a Day?

Those that are thinking about getting teeth in a day can benefit from what the system provides. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this. This is why it is important to visit us and allow us to provide the exam that is needed to see if you are a good candidate for this.

Since this is a very quick option and one that can be done to the patient under IV sedation, the specific situation is one that is recommended for a lot of the patients that present with a number of dental issues or loose teeth. This All-In-One option is sought after by so many because of the many benefits it provides patients with. It comes with minimal risks and when the patient is put to sleep in our office, they wake up with a new set of teeth. This is easy and come with minimal side effects.

Call our office today and we would be more than happy to provide you with a way to come in and speak with our dental professionals. You can ask questions and learn more about the teeth in a day that you may be curious about when you come into our office. Call today and find out if they are the right dental option for you to go with.
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