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Does Oral Surgery Impact the Fit of Dentures?

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Does Oral Surgery Impact the Fit of Dentures?If you are a denture wearer, you know the importance of well-fitting dentures. Dentures that are ill fitting are not only uncomfortable; they can cause damage to your overall oral health and even result in bone loss of the jaw.

Oral surgery can be required from time to time to help dentures fit better, but why surgery? Today we'll look at the impact of oral surgery and how it can help you improve the fit of your dentures.

Preparing Your Mouth For Dentures

There are several reasons you may require oral surgery prior to receiving dentures. Perhaps you still have some remaining teeth that need to be extracted. This can require surgery depending on whether or not the teeth are impacted.

Prosthetic teeth rest on the ridge of your jaw bone, so sometimes we need to reshape or smooth the ridge prior to fitting you for dentures. This procedure is called alveoloplasty and it can greatly help to minimize complications with inserting new dentures, in addition to helping them maintain their stability and comfort over time. We also perform this surgery if there is an excess of bone in the jaw. This will help dentures fit evenly in your mouth and ensure a secure fit.

If you have been a denture wearer for quite some time, you may notice that you are beginning to develop folds in your gum tissue, almost like a callous or just excess tissue. This can lead to ill-fitting dentures and discomfort. Oral surgery will remove this excess gum tissue and we will fit you for a new set of prosthetic teeth.

Whether you are new to dentures or have been wearing them for years, keeping your regularly scheduled checkups with our dentists is important. Daily brushing and cleaning combined with checkups will make certain that your oral health is in tip top shape! Give us a call soon and schedule your next appointment!
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