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Straws and Oral Surgery - Explaining the Danger

Posted on 9/25/2018 by Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group
Straws and Oral Surgery - Explaining the DangerIf you are getting ready for oral surgery, we have probably given you pre and post-surgery instructions. One of them may catch your eye if this is the first time you will have an operation in your mouth.

Not drinking from a straw is one of the most important instructions you need to follow if you want to prevent a dry socket. This complication from oral surgery can be extremely painful and set back your recovery, so make sure you follow all our instructions for after your oral surgery.

What Happens After Oral Surgery?

When you go through oral surgery of any kind our surgeon usually makes an incision in your gums to get access to the rest of your tooth to remove it, leaving a hole where the tooth used to be.

Typically, once a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms in that area, which begins the healing process. It is critical you allow this blood clot to form for proper healing and to avoid excessive bleeding. Think of it like a scab that develops in any other part of your body after an injury.

This blood clot protects the exposed bone from bacteria and allows for quicker recovery.

Why is Drinking from a Straw Dangerous After Oral Surgery?

The action of sucking from a straw can dislodge or break this blood clot, and a dry socket will form. We can tell you this is extremely painful, and you want to avoid it at all costs.

If you develop a dry socket, we will have to see you immediately to place a dressing over the exposed bone to protect it from infection. Only our doctors can do this procedure, and you will have to return to the office to get the dressing changed.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is NOT to drink from a straw until a few days after your oral surgery to avoid a dry socket. If you have concerns that you may have a dry socket; please call us right away.
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